Town of Union Fire Roster

Fire Chief: Jesse Thompson
Assistant Chief:  

Nick Ciasullo

John Willis
Ryan Soule

Fire Police:
James Murphy  

Harry Ankers
Thomas Bagley
Stephen Dearborn
Jeff Grinnell
Sherwood Hilt*
William Jackson
Wayne Kirkpatrick
Amy Wheelis
Beth Wheelis
Robert Wheelis

Junior Firefighters:

Brayden Ciasullo

Retired/In Memory of Firefighters:
Rick Dodge*
Paul Doughty*
Ron Hawes*
Edgar Moody*
Maxey Hannan, Sr.*
Keith Hilt*
Gary Leach*
Robert Linscott*
Lewis Merrifield*
Kathy Packard*
Bill Packard*
Fred Peabody*
Randy Scott*
Scot Sabins*
Adam Simmons*
Kevin Soule*†

* 20 years or more of service

†In Memory