Staff Directory



                                                          Job Title Phone 
 Jay Feyler  Town Manager, Road Commissioner, Public Information Officer, and General Assistance Administrator  (207)785-3658
 Sonya M. Willis     Town Clerk, Tax Collector, and Deputy Treasurer/Registrar of Voters/GA Administrator  (207)785-3658
 Michelle Clifford  Deputy Town Clerk and Registrar of Voters  (207)785-3658
Tabatha Mac ARTHUR  Deputy Town Clerk  (207)785-3658
 Stacey M. Y. Parra  Treasurer  (207)785-3658
 Grant Watmough  Code Enforcement Officer, Local Plumbing Inspector, and Building Inspector  (207)785-3658
 Jim Murphy  Assessors' Representative  (207)785-3658
Tom Fontaine  Public Works Supervisor  (207)785-3411
 Heidi Blood  Animal Control Officer  (207)322-3237 
 Jesse Thompson  Emergency Medical Service Chief  (207)785-3803
 Jesse Thompson  Fire Chief  (207)785-4306
 Myrna M. Soule  Cemeteries Director  (207)691-3081