Animal Control

Rabies continues to be a very serious threat in Knox County. Animals are not tested unless there has been an encounter with a person or domestic animal; therefore, many cases do go unconfirmed. Please be careful and don't leave food out that will attract skunks or racoons. Our local game wardens handle wild animal problems that may involve rabies; however, if they are unavailable, we will help to remove suspect animals. We follow up if there has been an encounter with a domestic animal. Any exposed dog or cat will require quarantine and, depending on the type of encounter, that period can vary from 10 days to six months and may be in-house or require a special facility. To deal with nuisance wild animals we have traps available to loan out to residents.

Animal Control is crucial to the health and harmony of our community. We take our job very seriously and try to do the best we can.  Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

For upcoming rabies clinics please click here.

Please Note: 

Problems having to do with wild animals come under the jurisdiction of the game warden who can be reached through the Warden Dispatch Center at 547-5300.