1)  To reduce our response time for your emergency call, the Union Ambulance Service would like to request that everyone have their street numbers out on either both sides of their mailbox or on their houses where we can see them easily.

There are quite a few houses with their numbers on the door to their mailbox only, instead of both sides.  This really makes it difficult for us since at times we are responding in inclement weather and we have to slow down considerably to read each number as we respond to your emergency call. 

Please remember, you have called us for an emergency and the sooner we can find you, the sooner we can start life saving care.

2)  We encourage you to write down a written set of directions from the Fire/Ambulance station to your home. In a time of an emergency it is hard to remember something as simple as how would we get to your home. It may sound funny but at that particular time you may have a difficult time remembering directions to convey to the dispatchers. These directions may also be helpful for a babysitter of your children or a relative visiting from away and may save some precious time during an emergency.

3)  We also suggest having a list of medications written down for each member of the family. We have some medication cards that you can put your medications on and keep on your refrigerator. These cards can be picked up at the Town Office. These cards will save us writing down the medications that you or a loved one may take, and it is easier for us to just take the card with us to the hospital and return it to you there at the hospital.